We build solar power plants

Whether residential, commercial or industrial, we design and implement them all.

Solar plant designs need to be done professionally. Proper needs analysis, energy profiling,  site constraint analysis and surveys are all extremely important aspects of a reliable solar solution. This goes for residential as well as commercial implementations.

Many times a solution is butchered to fit into a budget. Although capital outlay is sometimes constrained, we affer alternative approaches to alleviate budget constraints and still ensure reliability.

Solar module layout

Solar  arrays are designed in such a way that the energy requirements for the application can be met. Furthermore, the site specific constraints may dictate the approach to be taken, such as the orientation and layout of solar modules.

Proper design will ensure aesthetics, reliability and durability of the installation.

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Equipment Selection

Selection of the appropriate equipment for the job is important. Many times the marketing campaigns of manufacturers dictate the narrative only until the technology proves to be unreliable or unsuitable for the application.

Recently an unforeseen event with potentially disastrous and expensive consequences was contained because of the equipment selection.