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About Us

Less Watts is a registered and qualified solar power installer established in 2010. We supply and install a wide range of energy solutions tailored to customer requirements. From grid-tie solutions and equipment to specialised automated solutions where energy sources are mixed in an optimal way to maximise power saving and in specialised cases arbitrate to provide cost effective energy.

Our founder has many years of system integration experience in the IT industry. As such all systems are monitored remotely through advanced telemetry solutions.

Where we come from

With the advent of the 2008 energy crisis, Less Watts participated in Eskom initiatives focused on energy saving through the adoption of LED lighting in commercial areas.

Soon, we became a Bosch Solar Energy partner and installed one of the first off-grid commercial agricultural solutions in Gauteng which is still in operation to this day with the original equipment. When Bosch closed its solar division, we were in the advantageous position to use the advanced knowledge we gained from the Bosch partnership to successfully implement many solar solutions over the years.

Being affiliated with a German company, we soon learned that exceptional quality in solar solutions brings long term savings. For us, high quality is not negotiable due to the harsh nature in which solar equipment have to operate.

Initially, the solutions we implemented were dominated by Grid-tie systems which is the most cost effective solar solution and can be used to save around 60% of energy cost with a couple of load adjustments. As load shedding became more frequent, it was required to augment the product offering to include fully integrated hybrid solar systems and mini-grids to achieve the same level of saving and, in most cases, increased saving. Because of our experience in a wide product range and our in-house competency in commercial automation systems we can now easily build energy arbitrage systems using industrial batteries and automated load shifting solutions.

Today we offer turn-key solutions to cater for any customer requirement using a wide array of equipment available. The focus is always on efficiency and maximized saving.

Solar power solutions

Discerning people acknowledge quality when encountered. We build solar power solutions for customers from the most basic to advanced requirements. Quality is paramount and all we do, from the equipment we select to the workmanship illustrates that.

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Solar power plants

Various important aspects forms part of solar power solution design. A few simple aspects include available space to install solar modules, existing cable reticulation, site constraints such as shading. 

A customer centric focus is employed to make sure the requirements are met and aligned should constraints dictate an adjustment in expectations.

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Equipment selection

Not all equipment is made equally. A mobile requirement will necessitate the use of specific equipment for that purpose above other solutions.

Conversely an arbitrage solution will use different equipment than a residential solution for increased self-consumption.

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Site Specific Conditions

Not all sites are equally suited for  solar generation.

To match expectation against potential yield, requires careful consideration and can only be achieved through physical inspection.

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Workmanship of old

Many agree that, nowadays, things seems not to be as good as in the past.

For solutions to last 20 years, the quality of material and workmanship needs to shine - just like we used to build things to last.

Say goodbye to loadshedding

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