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UltraLAN Micro UPS (DC&POE) - 45W 8.8AH

R 1 081,00 (R 940,00 excl VAT) each

The UltraLAN Micro UPS is a compact DC-to-DC micro UPS with POE and DC output options. ideal for providing backup power to cameras, routers and other 12V devices.

The UPS is ideal for keeping home routers and small network equipment powered during power failures and load shedding.  For network equipment with POE it is possible to integrate the Micro UPS into the network by simply running a cable from the Micro UPS to the POE input port in your router or CPE.

Because there is not conversion of power taking place like with traditional UPS solutions, the efficiency is much higher, resulting in extended run times. A simple home network with one WiFi router and one Fibre Optic terminal can be powere for up to 8 hours.

The Micro UPS remains in-line with your device and the power source to further protect your device against possible damage due to power fluctuations. Failover to the Micro UPS happens seamlessly and automatically.


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