These terms and conditions apply to products procured from LessWatts, whether via this web site, or otherwise. Purchases made from resellers of our products will be subject to their respective terms and conditions.

Payment Terms

  1. Payment of goods is due upon completion of the sale unless otherwise agreed. 
  2. The seller may render partial invoices and request progress payment depending on the agreement. 
  3. The seller renders the right to supply invoices electronically and require pyment electronically.
  4. Payment by Credit Card is subject to credit card validation and authorisation at time of sale and before shipment of goods or whenever subscription payment are due.
  5. We reserve the right to suspend further performance relating to the transaction should payment not be made when payment is due.
  6. Interest will accrue on arears payments at a rate of 8% per month in line with relevant legislation.


  1. Delivery is made via courier services and can be arranged country wide.
  2. Courier cost for orders larger than R 10 000.00 VAT exclusive will be covered free of charge.
  3. Local deliveries in the Gauteng area will be done free of charge.
  4. It is the respponsibility of the customer to provide accurate address information where the delivery need to take place.
  5. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the availability of a person to receive the goods. The person who received the goods needs to be of age in order to sign for the consignment.
  6. Delivery of goods will be attempted twice, whereafter a R450.00 delivery charge will be levied.

Damaged goods

Insurance is in place foor goods in transit. In the event that goods are damaged in transit, due to unforeseen circumstances, the cost for the goods will be recovered from the insurance company before replacement of the goods are made. Replacements can be arranged at the discretion of LessWatts and the customer will not hold LessWatts liable for damages arising from actions or circumstances outside our control.


  1. Hardware warranties are governed by the warranty supplied with the product from the various hardware manufacturers. This agreement will not cover anything over and above such hardware warranty.
  2. Warranty information is supplied with the equipment and is available in soft-copy upon request.
  3. Should a hardware warranty claim arise, the claim process will be managed according to the claim process from the hardware manufacturer.
Software and Firmware
  1. Most modern solar products operate using firmware embedded into the solution. Firmware warranties are covered by the respective manufacturers and suppliers of software.
  2. Under this agreement, we will replace firmware for a period of 90 days after the sale in the event of a serious error in the software.
  3. Although every attempt is made to produce solutions with functionality as advertised, LessWatts can not be held liable should the software and/or firmware not perform as advertised.

Workmanship warranty covers the work carried out during the installation and covers the physical installation of equipment as well as cabling that may be required to deliver a functional system. Workmanship is warranted for a one year period after installation to be free from defects.

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that all installed equipment is managed according to the intended use and that all channeling and cableway be kept clear from anything that may hamper the operation of the system.

Financed goods

LessWatts have partnered with finance institutions to make the sale of high capital goods more affordable to the customer. The finance process is handled by these service providers according to their respective processes. LessWatts can not be held liable for the outcome of any finance agreement.

In the event that goods are financed, the goods will only be delivered once proof of approval of finance has been provided. LessWatts reserves the right to verify the approval of finance from the finance institution involved in the transaction.

Agreement prevalence

The client explicitly waives its own standard terms and conditions, even if these were drawn up after these standard terms and conditions of sale. In order to be valid, any derogation must be expressly agreed to in advance in writing.


Remedies to the above warranties will be limited at the sole discretion of LessWatts, to the replacement, repair, re-engineering or modification of the equipment and/or installation to ensure the restoration of service. Such restoration may be partial and will be deemed satisfactory by the customer. Where products are replaced, such products may be new, refurbished or remanufactured and is handled according to the manufacturer's processes.

Incidents need to be reported without delay within 7 days of such incident to be handled as part of a warranty event.

Weights and Dimensions

Advertised weights and dimensions are guidelines only and do not form part of a product's performance characteristics. The weight and dimension of any product explicitly is excluded from this agreement.