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Pylontech US2000B Plus 9.6kWh / MLT Oasis 4kW / MLT Nomad

Common price: R 121 950,00 Our price: R 91 994,25 (R 79 995,00 excl VAT) each Brand: MLTMLT

MLT Mpylontech 9.6kWh / 4kW backup solution.

This package consists of the following components:

4 x  Pylon US2000B 2.4kWh Li-Ion Solar Battery (excl. Bracket)
1 x  MLT Oasis Charger Inverter 4kW
1 x  MLT Dual tracker MPPT Charge Controller
1 x  Pylon US2000B x4 cabinet with support rails
1x MLT Battery disconnect with pre-charge circuit
1x Cable pack for US2000B

Domestic scale storage inverter with MPPT charge controller. The 4kW Oasis matched with the Nomad and Pylontech lithium ion batteries is suited to medium off-grid loads.

The Oasis can be used to power the loads where the grid unreliable, while the Nomad can be used to combine solar panels to power the loads and charge the batteries.


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