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Steca Tarom

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Width: 218 mm
Length: 65 mm
Height: 134 mm
Brand: StecaSteca
Tarom Models

The new design of the Steca Tarom sets a new standard for this power class. The graphical display informs the user of important information and enables configuration of the controller to the requirements of the spesific system.

The Tarom charge controller is the ideal choice for larger systems at three different voltage levels - 12V, 24VF and 48V.

The integrated ogger stores all important operational data which can be read using an optional Steca UART interfae. An external temperature sensor is available for integration to the system.

Two switch contacts are available for programming to automate functions such as a night light, generator control, load management. Up to six devices can be connected in parallel to increase the system capacity.


  • Shunt topology
  • MicroSD Card slot for recording of operational data
  • Automatic battery voltage detection
  • PWM Control
  • SOC dependant load disconnection function
  • Automatic load reconnection
  • Temperature compensation
  • Real-time clock
  • Four programmable timers
  • Two configurable multifunction contacts
  • Adjustable cut-off voltages
  • Simple menu driven configuration
  • StecaLink Bus


  • Steca Tarom 4545 Night Light Function

  • Steca Tarom 4545 Battery Parameters

  • Steca Tarom 4545 Timer Function

  • 1

Operating performance

System Voltage 12V (24V)
Own consumption 30mA

DC Input

Solar module Open Circuit Voltage (Uoc) 60V
`Module Short circuit current I(sc) 45A
Terminals 162mm / 252mm - AWG 6/4

DC Output

Load current 45A
Connection voltage >50% / 12.5V (25V)
Deep discharge protection <30% / 11.7V (23.4V)
Terminals 252mm / 352mm - AWG 4/2

Battery management

Battery voltage 9V...17V (17.1V...34V)
End-of-charge voltage 14.1V (28.2V)
Boost charge voltage 14.4V (28.8V)
Equalisation charge voltage 15V (30V)
Battery type Liquid Lead Acid adjustable


Protection IP31
Temperature range




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