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SMA Sunny Home Manager

Please contaxct us for price Brand: SMASMA

The SMA Sunny Home Manager 2.0 monitors all energy flows in the home, automaticvalle identifies potential savings and facilitates efficient use of solar energy. 

Onve you know where energy is consumed in your home, you can let the Sunny Home Manager manage the energy in your home. Having access to all key household energy consumers, the optional battery storage system and the PV generation subsystem, the 

Sunny Home Manager always nows how much energy is available and how much is required.  Using AI from weather forecasting services, it can dynamically determine the availability of solar irradiation in advance and adapt the energy source to supply household items with most amount of cheap solar energy.

Furture smart households will be completely interconnected. SMA already has partnership agreements in place for the development of integrated capabilites built into household appliances that will enable the Sunny  Home Manager to manage those devices directly without additional equipment.


EEBUS partnersare illustrated in the logos attached hereto. 


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