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MY-PV ELWA Water Heater

R 16 319,00 (R 14 190,43 excl VAT) each Brand: My-PVMy-PV

With the ELWA Water Heater you can retain you current geyser and use Photo Voltaic modules to heat the water in the geyser.

No lifting roof tiles or damaging ceilings.


ELWA is a 2kW heating device. Direct Current is transferred directly from the solar modules to the heating element and immediately converted into heat.

The buil-in MPPT tracker ensures optimal energy consumption at all times. No mains connection is required and the temperature is set via a simple rotary knob. Temperature is displayed on an easy to read LCD display.

During bad wheathr conditions, all the energy generated is sent to the heater. Although it will possibly take a bit longer to heat up, there will still be warm water during bad weather.


If required, the heater can be connected to the mains.


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