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Water and Space heating with solar power

Water and space heating has just become achievable using Photo Voltaic systems. This is not to be confused with thermal heating as traditionally deployed using solar geysers.

With the AC-THOR solution, intelligent water heating is deployed in PV solutions whether new or existing.

AC-THOR is an linearly controlled photovoltaic power manager for electrical hot water and space heating.

Intelligent sensing of the energy balance based on 8 predetermined scenarios, enables the solution to divert excess energy towards the water heater. If a grid connection is available, additional energy will be drawn from the grid if the PV energy is insufficient without affecting the default energy balance functionality of the PV solution.

 AC-THOR with Grid Tie PV systems

In conjunction with an energy meter , such as the SMA Energy Meter, the AC-THOR will automatically sense the available PV energy and adjust its output to ensure optimal usage of Solar energy. Any shortfall will be augmented from the grid.

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