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Hubble 4.8kWh Lithium battery

R 31 195,00 (R 27 126,09 excl VAT) each Brand: Hubble LithiumHubble Lithium

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The hubble is a rackmount 4U lithium energy storage system (ESS) designed for the solar and ups industries. It is a true 1C battery, meaning it can charge and discharge at a rate equal to its capacity rating of 100A or 4.8kW.

True 1C Lithium ESS

The Hubble can charge and discharge at 4.8kW or 100A, which is equal to its rating of 4.8kWh or 100Ah.

100 Depth of Discharge

The hubble can be discharged at 100% at each discharge and still provide 3500 cycles over its lifetime. This is 10 years with one cycle per day. Setting the maximum discharge to a lower level increases the life expectancy even further.

Excellent High temperature perfpormance

The Hubble was build with the African climate in mind. It can operate at temperatures up to 60 degrees Centigrade and still reach its expected life time duration.

Built in Circuit breaker

Integration with power systems is easy thanks to a built-in circuit breaker negating the requirement to have external fuse protection.

20-year design life

The Hubble is designed to last for 20 years and comes with a 10-year product warranty.



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