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How does a Grid Tie System differ from a Hybrid System?

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A grid tie system refers to a system which ties the solar panel DC generation system directly to the utility grid. In this system there are no batteries to store the electricity in. The electricity generated is fed into the connected grid and used wherever it is consumed. If the electricity produced by such a system is not consumed on the premises where it is installed, it will be fed into the utility grid unless otherwise controlled.

A hybrid system refers to a system which combines the power from a solar power system with another electricity generator, such as a diesel generator. In most hybrid systems which contain diesel generators, PV power is prioritised on the grid with the diesel generator used to continuously fill the gap between the present load and the actual generated power from the PV system.

Battery storage can be included in a hybrid solution to be able to manage the power balance in the system through augmentation of generator system limitations.

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