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We are good at

  • Consultation


    We see consultation as a training exercise. Therefore we assist in all aspects of solar analysis, vetting, and verification.
  • System Design

    System Design

    A properly designed solution will deliver expected results. We model all our PV solutions according to customer requirements.
  • Procurement


    Cost - quality balance is a tricky thing. we stock only NRS-097 compliant equipment, at a competative price.
  • Installation and Construction

    Installation and Construction

    Installations for PV solutions are rife, but we take meticulous care that all regulatory requirements are met through our installations.
  • Customer Service

    Customer Service

    With equipment lasting more than 30 years, long term relationships is important. We want satisfied customers.
  • Remote Monitoring

    Remote Monitoring

    Electricity generation is a mission critical activity.Through remote monitoring we can act before the electricity stops flowing.

Reference Installations

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  4. Any shipping costs associated with the transport of replacement goods will be for the account of the purchaser if not covered by such warranty.

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Installation of equipment

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  3. Electronic equipment intended for the generation of electricity needs to be installed by a qualified person with supporting documentation as required by laws and by-laws of the Republic of South Africa.
  4. In the absence of such supporting documentation, no claim shall be entertained.


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Return Policy

  1. Returned goods must be accompanied by the original invoice and electronic documentation supplied during the sale of the goods.
  2. Unwanted, unused goods will attract a 10% handling fee if returned within 5 days of purchase and is subject to inspection by the seller's suppliers before acceptance.
  3. Goods designed and/or built according to the purchasers requirements will not be liable for a return.
  4. Goods  that are defaced, (Installed, disassembled, tampered with, primed or modified) and not in its original state as sold, including any damage to the packaging, will not be accepted as a return.
  5. Returned goods will not be replaced immediately but will be granted based on the outcome of an inspection by the manufacturer.

Solar PV systems have extended life spans. When using quality equipment, a properly installed system can reliable produce power over a 30 year period.

The financing of a PV system therefore makes sense. In some cases, the monthly repayment may event be less than wheat the electricity cost would be which was replaced by the PV system.

LessWatts can offer flexible financing options on solar equipment through a network of banks and finance service providers, making PV solutions accessible to all.

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